We Should All Be Living Our BEST. DAMN. LIVES.

This is not a moment, it's the movement.

Come join the only community built specifically for female leaders to find alignment, crush your dreams and live your BEST. DAMN. LIFE.

We are about to get unapologetic about our ambitions, create the life of our dreams and do it all while having a community full of other totally awesome women who love and support the hell out of you.

Our method to achieving the life of your dreams goes way beyond the surface level bullshit that has infiltrated the personal development world (this is why we not-so-seriously call this the cult).

We are talking about serious growth.

A monthly topic and guidance so you can work on one thing at a time.

A quarterly book club and discussion.

A curated community all supporting each other and learning from each other.

A community of people who get it.

Monthly trainings from wellness and business experts.

A focus on holistic health - we do the whole ecosystem baby!


How to prioritize fun and only work on projects and with people who give you life.

Communicate like a master therapist.

Sustainable self care (you don't have to keep putting your body and pain last)

Making time for you (and actually prioritizing it).

How to be vulnerable and trust others so you can deepen relationships.

Building wealth.

Move like a yogi.

How to network like a boss.

Intuitive eating, movement and mindfulness.

Mastering your mindset.

Confidence building.


Radical honesty.

Letting go of anxiety and fear.

Building your intuition.

How to recover from workouts faster and with less pain.

Holistic nutrition.

Energy allocation and time blocking.

Release fear and guilt and own your success.

We are going to cover a big range of topics, because all of these things are part of your best damn life.

Not sure if this community is right for you?

Statistically, your success depends on who you exchange the most energy with.

Not just who you spend time with, but who you engage with. If you're hanging out with people who always give excuses for why they aren't happy, aren't holding you or themselves accountable for their dreams and believe that life is meant to be survived rather than truly lived - then welcome to your future friend. You will become just like them, you will spend your life just gritting your teeth to get through the day, falling into your bed at night aching and miserable, unsatisfied and pissed that other people are succeeding. You will scroll instagram telling yourself that you can never live their life, travel to those places or make that kind of money. You'll wake up each morning wishing that you could have it easy "like those people" and meanwhile do nothing to change your life because you don't know how and no one else in your life is living their best damn life.

Amanda once had a client tell her that "everyone is miserable. You go to work, you pay your bills and then you die. That's it, that's life."

This is why the people you engage with matter.

She was surrounded by people who were miserable, always complaining and truly believed those words - not only did they believe them, but they made damn sure everything they did they proved themselves right - they would ruin anything that had a chance at working out just so they could be right that life is miserable. Once she started doing the work (the exact same work we will show you how to do), she started to take more steps and then bigger steps and you know what, she started to laugh again. She started enjoying her life, and suddenly those people were no longer around because she outgrew them. This work can be lonely, because you will outgrow those people who are committed to their misery when you start levelling up your life.

That is why we built this community, because when we all work together, we all rise together. Women work harder, work longer and take on more than anyone, and this is compounded when you own your own business and have to do ALL the things and oh yeah, take care of yourself. We are taught to put ourselves last, literally and figuratively make ourselves smaller and to apologize for having big dreams.

No more.

We are coming for everything we deserve, and this community is built to help you get there.

This is not a moment, it's the movement.

Small Call to Action Headline

you deserve everything you have ever dreamed.

Look, you don't have to join, you can always stay on your bull💩. Where has that gotten you though?

We see you: working until hella late to get things done while your life just passes you by; feeling like something is just....missing; feeling burned out and miserable and trying to convince yourself that everyone feels that way - that it's normal; always putting yourself last; feeling so lonely it hurts; feeling scared and anxious and depressed.


We have worked with hundreds of people like you.

We use the same practices and skills we are going to teach you to achieve balance, flow and most of all, true happiness. And we are going to do it, together.

If you want to learn how to live your best damn life without the struggle, join our movement.

Do you, let everyone else die mad about it.