Stop letting people walk all over you. You deserve better.

I help you set boundaries, have supportive + authentic relationships and stop putting up with so much BS.

Get my 3 Step Guide To Start Living Your Best Life -

Start putting yourself first and learn how to find real flow between what you want to do and what you need, this free download shows you how.

Here's the secret - you deserve to be happy.

I blend psychology + mindset + energetics to help you build a life aligned with your purpose and joy - without giving a damn what other people think and without feeling guilty about it.

Where can I help you help yourself?


I developed courses to help you dig into your life + help you address energetic blocks, limiting patterns and beliefs and stuck points. I help you get rid of the dumpster fire parts of your life, so you can move into alignment and heckin' peace. You can work through the courses in your own time.

Best Damn Life community

aka THE CULT 😂

This membership is built for you, with you and around you. Caitlyn - my brilliant cohost - and I took the most common struggles and put them into a membership so you are fully supported and have a whole ass community cheering you on. Each month we bring you expert trainings, Q&A sessions, a quarterly book club, (and surprises!!) and a community of people choosing to CHASE their best damn life.

they said what?

This could be you, but you playin'

A -

"Life finally feels like its worth living...

"I feel for the first time ever Im making decisions for myself, and because I want to. Its more peaceful knowing Im doing whats right for me.”

J -

"I felt free, I felt light. I felt more myself and more authentic. I felt so much more present...

I'm so freakin' proud of myself. Its crazy how much I like myself right now.”

Do you, let everyone else die mad about it.