Heller! Im Amanda.

Transformation Expert.

Hype Woman.

Holistic Coach.

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

Podcast Host & Speaker.

Optimistic Realist.


Trust me, there is a much easier way.

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people used to hate me at parties.

I grew up knowing that I have a gift to help people get past the bullshit and to really zero in on what makes them happy, and I would usually dive deep with people I just met - figuring out what they hated about their life and questioning why they weren't doing anything about it. You can see why no one liked me when they first met me 😂

The thing is, I have a lot of compassion for people who are struggling, but almost no patience. You control your life, and you have the power to change it. I know that the life of your dreams is absolutely within your reach, but YOU have to do the work to create it.

I'm on a mission to help people like you stop suffering, get all the way off their bullshit and live their best damn life. I work with people who are so tired of being burned out and out of alignment, who know they want more out of life, and want to align their actions with their best damn life.

Everything I do is built on the premise that you can achieve anything you want, you can be fully in alignment with what you know is best and living YOUR best life - all it takes is a skills and practice and a lot of courage.

Since I can't serve every person who needs support one on one, I create courses and host an absolutely BANGIN' community. These are all self-paced and open to absolutely anyone. I have taken everything I teach and distilled them down to the essentials, so you can start making sustainable changes without having to hire a therapist or work with someone one on one.

your best damn life is just that, your own definition.

I believe in aligning your life with YOUR JOY so you have the energy to do whatever it is you love doing, and MORE of it.

When your life is in alignment, abundance flows to you and opportunities start coming your way - but you have to be in the right energetic space and already doing the work. Think of me as a professional problem solver-helper, as you already have all the answers and I help you dig into yourself to get there. Like an archeologist, but for your highest self- basically Indiana Jones without the Nazi's. We will get heavy into mindset, boundaries, intuition and self care and what it means to truly embody our practices so we are making decisions that FEEL good while building out a happy, sustainable life.

I see you, staying up late reading all the articles about making changes and complaining to your friends every time you see them about the same old 💩 and wishing you could just move away and completely start over. I see you trying new things and then getting so overwhelmed and pissed that you give up and then beating yourself up for it. And I see you, feeling frustrated and hopeless and thinking that if you just keep grinding it will all pay off.


Let me help you be radically honest about what's holding you back so we can dump the BS and achieve alignment and prosper the f*ck out of this life.

Ok friend, here's how we can work together

There are many ways you can choose to do the work - the magic is in the journey.


Because let's be honest, there is something more you want out of life, these may help. These are a great way to get started working with me.

best damn life community.

aka the cult


This membership is build for you, with you and around you. I took the most common struggles and put them into trainings we drop monthly. Each month I bring you expert trainings, Q&A sessions, a book club, and a community of people choosing to chase their best health.

Do you, let everyone else die mad about it.