Heller! Im Amanda.

Transformation Expert.

Hype Woman.


Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

Podcast Host & Speaker.


I'm not your average coach, and you're not going to get average results.

I graduated with my Master's in Clinical Counseling in 2016 and I spent three years working for companies that paid my bills and were good, but they weren't right. I never quite fit in with them - I was too loud, too different, too me, so that I decided to step out on my own and start my private practice in 2019. I'm not much of a rule follower if I don't believe in the rules, and I wanted to do therapy my way. I started seeing clients on my farm while sitting under a big black walnut tree and hanging out with my horses, and that's how I do it still. It suits me.

Time and again I have taken clients through their healing journey and into the land of the truly living - where they are in control of their life. Time and again I worked with absolutely huge hearted clients who people pleased themselves into a prison they couldn't escape from, and I discovered a pattern. All of my clients thought their big heart was the problem, but the actual problem is they don't know how to balance their big heart with everything else they need to be happy and at peace.

I Started Coaching Because I Want To Work With Anyone Who Needs Me, Not Just The People That Insurance Says I Can Work With.

In my coaching work I focus on people who want to overcome their people pleasing so they can get what one of my clients described as this: "I want to make myself happy, to be happy with myself, instead of relying on other people to make me feel happiness. I would have peace. I want to be less anxious, to have less overthinking."

I believe in many things, but one thing I know to be true is that when you start shedding who you've been taught to be and stepping into your highest self, magic happens ✨✨

Ok boo, I made some stuff for you.

There are many ways you can choose to do the work - the magic is in the journey.

self coaching journal

My daily journal prompt that's going to help you start creating and embodying your highest self, one aligned action at a time.

Confused to clear

This free guide is going to help you get hella clear on what you stand for and who you are as a human, so you can start making choices that feel good to you.

I want you to stop being good, so you can finally be happy


When your life is in alignment, you feel free and light and empowered af. This is my dream for you.

Do you, let everyone else die mad about it.